Here it is, the interview you've been waiting for,
with the man himself, Leinil Francis Yu:


Snafu: For those of us who don't know, give us a brief rundown on how you broke in to comics

Leinil: I first got hired by Whilce [Portacio] to do some work for Wildstorm.  It didn't
happen.  A year later, Whilce showed my work to Marvel when he went to the Comicon.  They liked my work well enough and offered me Wolverine.

Snafu: Is it hard at all working so far away from the marvel offices?

Leinil: It's nothing but smooth sailing. I don't know about the other creators

Snafu: If you can, give us your opinion on the whole "marvel editors" thing that lead Joe Kelly and Steven Saegle to quit x-men.

Leinil: Personally, I never had a problem with it.  I'm not a writer and I think the situation is not the same with artists.  The only changes they ask of me are costumes and nothing else.  Writing is way different so my comments may not be approriate.

Snafu: Have you ever felt the marvel editors are too controlling?

Leinil: No, not in the artistic side. Or atleast not with me.

Sanfu:  Who is your favourite comic book character to draw?, And you can't
say wolverine!

Leinil: Maybe Batman:)

Snafu: What other books [marvel or not] would you like to do sometime?

Leinil: Maybe a year of Uncanny, Avengers, Punisher, DD, Batman, Starwars, Spawn and a bunch of other stuff.

Snafu: What other creators would you like to work with?

Leinil: I'd love to do a second round with Warren Ellis, I pretty much like a lot
of writers and I'm not picky.  Like everybody else, do a Frank Miller and an Alan Moore story:)

Snafu: Is it true you had a career as a porn star before you broke into

Leinil: No, I completely deny it.  But yes, I have to admit, I do a have an  enormous apendage.

Snafu: What do you like to drink when you go out?

Leinil: Actually, I'm not much of a drinker but sometimes I go for chocolate shakes:)

Snafu: Hah!  What's your favourite [and most successful] pick up line?

Leinil: "hey, I'm Leinil"  --he, he...

Snafu: Anything you'd like to say to your legions of fans?

Leinil: Thank you all and you make it all worth the hardwork!!

Snafu: and finally boxers or briefs?

 Leinil: Uhm, my Urologist suggested that I wear neither for a while.  Testicular ventillation should be a man's virtue:)

Snafu: Thanks for your time

Leinil: You too man!